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         If you are feeling alone, sad about your scoliosis, worried about having surgery or just tired of wearing a brace, let me hear from you.. You are not alone!

       Kick'n Curves was created as a place kids like us can discuss anything about our scoliosis, how it affects us, share our stories, or give   tips on what we found helpful living with scoliosis. 


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  • Join our Kick'n Curves Discussion Board - where you can login & register, share your thoughts, connect with other kids or just ask questions from kids that share the same physical condition of scoliosis
  • You can Email Me at: allison@kickincurves.org 
  • Or fill out the Online Contact Form below and tell me whats on your mind - I will respond as quickly as I can!


Any way you choose ... I would love to hear from YOU!

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