I'm Allison's mom, Kathleen.

My purpose in sharing our path to finding the answers we needed, is to hopefully help you with your journey. We felt more in control of the situation as we researched and consulted with various medical proffesionals who gave us information to the answers we needed. If you are in the same situation with your child, I hope you also find all the answers you seek and peace and confidence in the doctor you choose. 

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It was a tough year when we found out our daughter's scoliosis had progressed rapidly to a point of severity. The following are references to the doctors and people who have touched our lives throughout the process of finding answers and direction. Many thanks for their guidance and support. 

     üDr. Moreno - Moreno Spine and Scoliosis, 1800 Mease Dr., Safety Harbor, FL  (727) 669-5300    http://www.morenojosephspine.com   

 Jan 2013 - Most people in the Tampa Bay area that have spine or scoliosis issues have heard of Dr. Moreno. He is an exceptional orthopaedic spine surgeon who has performed some remarkable surgeries and provided the needed relief people sought. Dr. Moreno came highly recommended to us years ago -   and he has definitely stood up to his reputation.

Knowing Dr. Moreno, we decided to follow up with Allison's scoliosis checkup in his office because it is local for us. Dr. Moreno measured a 56 thoracic and a 43 lumbar curvature. He explained with this degree of curvature at her young age, surgery would be necessary to correct and stabilize further progression. We valued and appreciated Dr. Moreno's assessment. 


ü  Dr. Hahn & Dr. Neustadt - Children's Orthopaedic and Scoliosis Surgery Associates, All Children's Hospital, 625 6th Ave S., St. Petersburg, FL   (727) 898-2663    http://chortho.com

Jan 2013 - Dr. Hahn has been Allison's pediatric orthopaedic and scoliosis doctor since 2010 when she was first diagnosed at age 10. He is a well-respected and trusted, Children's Orthopaedic and Scoliosis Surgeon, affiliated with All Children’s Hospital, St. Petersburg. He holds an outstanding reputation with impressive academic achievements and awards in his field.

After seeing Dr. Moreno we needed to follow up with Dr. Hahn. He reviewed her films and agreed that the rate of Allison's scoliosis progression made surgery the only sensible option. Without intervention he explained her curvature would continue to worsen. After several more consultations with Dr. Hahn (and his surgical partner, Dr. Neustadt, who also has an impeccable reputation in his field), we were able to confidently make the decision for Allison to have the necessary spinal fusion. In between appointments, Dr. Hahn always pleasant, helpful and calmed our nerves, as he always made time to answer any questions and address our concernswe called his staff about.

Both Dr. Hahn and Dr. Neustadt perform as a team at the All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg. All Children's Hospital caters specifically to childrens needs and was the absolute perfect choice for us. We felt we had the best surgical team at the best hospital. 

 Please check out "My Journey With Scoliosis" to read more detailed updates about her surgery.


     ü  Dr. Cronin - Florida Medical Clinic, Tampa, FL  813-979-0440      http://www.fmcspine.com/   

March 2013 - We also consulted with Dr. Cronin just to be positive we hit all bases. Dr. Cronin is also a top notch Orthopaedic and Scoliosis surgeon who works out of Florida Medical Clinic in Tampa.  Dr. Cronin was referred to us from the well-known Shriners Hospital for Children in Tampa. He was very professional yet sympathetic to our situation, and provided us with important information that helped with our decision making.  


....Once we established there was no alternative, we decided to be proactive in preparation for Allison's surgery. We connected with the following people who offered wonderful support and care in our efforts to help stabilize, strengthen and prepare Allison's spine, back muscles and overall health for her upcoming surgery and recovery period.  


   ü   All Children's Hospital Outpatient Care East Lake727-767-7505  

     A highly trained physical therapist at the All Children's Hospital Outpatient Care gave Allison personalized back strengthening exercices to help her feel better living with her scoliosis. They provided a series of different exercises in 1 hour sessions that slowly improved Allison's back muscle strenth and tolerance. Allison really enjoyed her session because she knew it was helping her feel better and knew it would also improve her post surgery recovery time. 


   ü  West Coast Brace and Limb, Palm Harbor - 727-785-0100
West Coast Brace and Limb provided braces for Allison from the time of her diagnosis. Their certified prosthetist/orthotist who does brace fittings, gave us great information, positive support and guidance while providing and re-checking Allison's progress and fit, ensuring the most beneficial treatment possible. West Coast Brace and Limb has really cool brace designs and colors to choose from (which helped put a positive spin on things when it came time for a new brace). When we realized Allison's now faced surgery we re-visited their skilled team for any additional help or advice they could offer. They were extremely supportive. 


   ü  Suncoast YMCA, Village Center Drive, Palm Harbor(727) 772-9622 ‎ 
The YMCA provided Allison a place to get in better physical health and strengthen her back muscles for optimal spinal support (and when surgery was the only option, these exercises helped with her recovery). Allison thoroughly enjoyed the water exercises which were helpful and made working out fun! 


On a footnote: I thought this was interesting enough and wanted to share with you a procedure called the ScoliScore AIS prognostic test. I don't know for sure, but this test might have provided insight to our situation when it launched in 2010. This test is the first clinically validated and highly accurate genetic test for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS) curve progression. If you have idiopathic scoliosis that runs in your family, you might find this very insightful to have your children checked for their prognosis and personalized treatment plans. You can learn more about this procedure by checking out thier website at: www.scoliscore.com  or http://www.spinemd.com/news-philanthropy/learn-more-about-scoliosis-genetic-testing-scoliscore 


If you have any questions or comments you would like share please email: allison@kickincurves.com  or allison.ruckart@gmail.com